Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blogger Book Swap

I'm so glad I got partnered up with this fabulous lady! We love the same books and she's probably the sweetest chick ever. I always always enjoy meeting people through swaps! She works at ol' miss in Mississippi and I have to admit I'm pretty jealous of her job. I hope you all stop by her blog and read all of her amazing posts and follow her along in her Mississippi madness :)

About the swap. She picked one of my all time favorite authors particularly because most of her books are taken place in Puget Sound area, which so happens to be my favorite place on earth and the area that means most to me. I've already started reading my book and I knew I'd be hooked fast!
Thanks again! Im so excited about this book!


  1. i love swaps, but i can't always find them. this looks like such fun! :] enjoy your book!

  2. Love that you got it!!

    We are headed to Vegas this weekend and I can't wait to read on the plane!


  3. I've seen this book on so many shelves, I'll have to get a copy. Thanks again for participating in the swap and I hope you had a great time!



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