Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wedding Dreaming

Wedding dreaming.
Ive totally sprung myself into this thing called wedding planning.
I refuse to be stressed and I'm very particular on how I want things. It's not going to be some extravagant hurrah.
I want it laid back. Backyard BBQ type.
Even though it's not in a backyard and it is in a botanical garden, we just aren't the formal type.
Plus, 6 years later and 2 kids it's not a big surprise!
Although Id love to celebrate and be surrounded by the ones who have supported us and loved us throughout the whole thing :)
So Ive narrowed down some decisions for when we meet with the cake decorator and the florist. As well on my ideas for centerpieces.
Let me know what you all think!
                                    // 2 // 3                                          
 1// 2 // 3
Different flowers of course but I love the idea.
I had know idea that all 3 of my favorits are in the same spot....


  1. All of your choices are sooo beautiful! I love all your bouquet choices...the cake #2 is so soft and elegant! And the 2nd center piece is gorgeous! You can't go wrong with any of these:)

  2. The flowers are gorgeous! I think #3 is my favorite, but it's a hard choice. The cakes, wow those are impossible to decide between! They're all so elegant but still laid back. The second set of centerpieces are simple but so beautiful. You have great taste!

  3. Those flowers are beauuuutiful, and I can't pic a favorite!

  4. I love bouquet #2 and cake #2. So gorgeous!!!! You are going to be the prettiest bride!

  5. Those flowers are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing such gorgeous photos. Also, the Valentine's decorating is wonderful. I thought i was one of the few who actually did that, apart from gift shops. Thank you for spreading the love, I'm so pleased to have stumbled upon your blog.
    Bella xx

  6. Hey girl :) LOVE flower number 1. Cake number 3. And both of the centerpiece things. I did a laid back Country wedding myself and LOVED it. Even though we weren't in a barn or anything it was perfect. And your wedding will be perfect too. Just stay true to YOU and how YOU want it and screw everyone else if they don't like it. Congrats girl. Talk to you soon. -totally_rachel


  7. I love the bouquet on the far left and the cake on the far right! New follower here from the blog hop. :)


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