Thursday, January 24, 2013

Some Facts About Me

I love these link ups. The get to know you ones, so of course when I saw all my favorite bloggers doing it, I joined. And so should you!
on this lovelies blog.
Fact: I love to sing.
I'm awful, and sound like crap but if I know the words you bet your butt Ill be singing.
Fact: I'm terrible at hair.
It couldn't be more true. I'm awful, either pony or down. I need to step up my game and search pinterest.
Fact: Driving is not my strong point.
After all of these years defending myself saying that I really was a good driver. pshhh. Ive finally came to terms with the fact that Im just not good at it.
Fact: I can rap to all of Nicki Minaj's Songs:
Seriously. I'm good at the voice changes. I was in heaven two years ago when my two favorites were on tour together, in case you don't know that would be Britney Spears and Nicki. Hello best concert ever.
Fact: I've learned to like black coffee:
I suppose that's because I'm a mama, and I need to caffeine.
Fact: I'm the spider killer in this home:
Or Remy. As for the other two, they come to get us.
Fact: I never used to be into princesses:
But having two little princess loving girls makes it fun, its bringing the kid out in me.
Fact: I love to bake:
While I'm getting better at cooking.
Fact: I have no set style:
My brother in law referred to me as a "hippie" (perhaps new age) and my sister in law corrected him and said "shes more boho chic"
I can rock a hippie outfit today and then turn around and wear studded loafers the next.
Fact: I used to hate kids:
Now I want like 10.
Fact: I'm itching to go back to school:
I have my Massage license but have never worked a day in the field. I'm dying to go back to school but I'm going to wait until after the wedding. I'm brushing up on my math in the mean time.
Fact: I make up my own words:
Fact: I've learned to appreciate the seasons:
Summer used to be my favorite, now its probably my last.
Fact: I'm a planner:
Like obsessive. And it drives Cameron crazy because hes so go with the flow.
Fact: I have anxiety.
I ha vent talked about this much on this here blog, but if I'm put in a situation with a lot of people I freak out. literally freak out.
Fact: I want to adopt.
We want to adopt a little one some day.
I cant wait.
Fact: I love to people watch.
Its so bad, its sometimes hard to hold a conversation with me.
There ya go. My facts.


  1. Haha - I'm terrible at hair, too! I wish there was a class or something, haha.

    And it's nice to know that someone else who wasn't into princesses loves having little girls that are. I worry about that sometimes - I wasn't a super girly girl (still am not) and I worry that if I have a little girl someday I won't know what to do if she's a girly girl!

  2. Pinterest and youtube tutorials are fantastic for hair...because I'm terrible at it too! We also have the same planning/go with the flow problem in our house. I'm the planner, he's not. It drives me nuts, and him, because I always want to know "the schedule" and sometimes there really just isn't one.

  3. Fact: You are adorable!!!

    AND – I totally think you should do a Vlog of you rapping to Nicki Minaj! Fo sho!

    I make up my own words, am a planner, have anxiety and would love to adopt. We have a lot in common!


  4. Same goes for me and singing. I LOVE it. But for the love of honey boo boo, I am awful!

  5. Love your facts!!! I got your book today--I can't wait to read it while I recoup! Thank you so much for the bracelet!!

  6. I can relate to almost every single one of these!!! No set style, check. Don't know how to do hair, whats a flat iron? And don't even get me started with the anxiety haha-but really.
    I love your new blog look too! Super cute and clean.

  7. I love to people watch too! It gets me into trouble. And hair? I nannied for a little girl a few years ago and felt horrible sending her to school when she'd ask me to do her hair!


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