Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Teething (almost) 2 Year Old

Its so awful when they can talk. Today my near two year not so much a baby tells me "my teeth hurt" I then check out her mouth to see giant 4 mountains of pure white in her gums just waiting to poke through. You would think that my child comes from a line of drug attics due to her need for medication. I assure you that us most definitely not the case.

She's crying and pulling at her teeth and insisting she needs medicine. My sweet little almost two year old pops those tiny chewable Tylenol like no body's business and then right after she's got those down she begs for more. Begs. She uses her manners of course saying "please" with much enthusiasm while jumping up and down faster than a kangaroo. Remy is at the stage where she thinks please gets you anything you want. Honey I wish.

I even gave her baby orjel (which I think is so weird and have never tried before) she forcefully convinced me to let her do it alone, I squeezed a tiny bit on her tiny finger and she rubbed her teeth all over those mountain gums, instant drool which I'm taking as a sign of relief.

She then asked for more...sorry crazy girl.

This is something we have never been through before. Raygan had every single tooth by her first birthday so teething was almost a breeze due to the fact that she was a colicky baby and later apparently we never even noticed the fact that she was teething.


  1. Why does teething have to be so dang painful? Walker is going through the same thing. He feels her pain, and I feel your pain!!

  2. I was lucky (so far (knock on wood)) with my son. He was a trooper with teething. We only had one horrible, up all night, night. He's approaching 19 months and has most of his teeth minus a molar or two. I hope those are a breeze like the last have been!!


  3. Aww! I feel for Remy. Teething is the worst. Mason has been a really slow teether. He is 2 years and 7 months and still doesn't have all of his! His molars are still pushing through. You can tell when they hurt, he doesn't want to eat anything. I hope your sweet girls teeth feel better soon!

  4. We're still waiting on the last 3, although I think I saw one just come through this morning. In the UK we have Ashtons & Parsons, old style powder, apothecary style...we joke it's like 'baby cocaine'. Although have to say it only really works with the front teeth. Those molars are a nightmare.

  5. Oh the teething. Month 8 was the worst for me yet but it seems the worst may be coming. Poor babes.

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