Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When 'Tis the Season' Blows

My girls are fascinated by the Christmas lights literally fascinated. They scream "look at the lights" "look at these ones guys" literally at every.single.light they see.

We aren't complete party poopers. I mean the last two years we've gotten by on putting lights on our tree in the front yard and a decorative light up snow man.

Honestly, when we have our own house to truly appreciate we'll go all out. Perfect big white bulbs strung that are the exact length on the house with wreaths in the windows. Ahhh, I can see it now. But in reality we are renting the not so house of our dreams that happens to be from the 70's with zero plug ins outside or even relatively close to outside.

But we did it. We seriously did it. All of the odds were against us. I broke down in tears but we did it.

Target was out if the pink strand if lights the girls had their hearts on for our tree in the yard. So 15 minutes later and a phone call to the other target we had some on hold there. The last three boxes. Score. I was not going to let these two littles down!

I came home from the store and eagerly got to work and noticed that the Light plug ins didn't fit into the extension cords. What? Back the the store we go with the lights in tow to make sure they fit.
 Honestly, I thought all plug ins fit in all extortion cords?

I'm known to be very impatient and I just so happen to like getting my way. Shame on me! Well I didn't want to wait for Cameron and I started hammering away outside with the girls both helping me...cough cough tangling the lights! Next thing I know Cameron comes outside with the tree done in pink and the fence done up in white, and I had began on the house.

Then we turn the lights on, and one strand was out. Hmmm, yeah you guessed it. This impatient person hammered right through the wire. Genius I know.

Seriously I can not believe Cameron didn't flip. He was already thrilled that I started to take this task on myself.  Anyway, he laughed and took all of the lights down and replaced them. In some serious
wind I might add.

And that my friends is why I love him. He deals with my crap.

 and because he spends nearly ever free moment he has taming these beasts.


  1. I love that they are fascinated by the lights. So far, Mason hasn’t seemed too impressed by them. We plan on taking him to a big drive through light show in the metroplex. I hope he likes them.
    Aww, sorry things didn’t go as planned. Sounds like you have a great Hubby, though! Adorable picture.

  2. Ah yay! Sounds like a rough one ended up with a happy ending! So awesome.


  3. Hey! Found your blog through the Blog Working Wednesdays blog hop! I'm a new follower...come check out my blog if you want :)


  4. You've got yourself a GOOD man :) I want to see a picture of your pink tree! It sounds adorable!!

  5. You should post pictures of all of your lights! :)

    Amanda @ Faith*Love*Strength

    P.S. I blogged about you sweet stocking stuffers today. Thanks again!

  6. We rent too, and we just hate not being able to give our house the homely feel that we so desperately want it to have! Although we love it, and we've lived here for 3 years since we moved in together, you just get to that point where you need your own home! I hear you, mamma!


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