Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Randoms

My near two year old has been sick while teething this week followed by my niece then Raygan. Glorious I tell you. They know how to break a mamas heart, we haven't left the house in two days, rescheduled our annual gingerbread decorating event with my bestie, and our days have consisted of painting ornaments and cuddles. At least we are being productive by painting the ornaments that will be the grandparents gifts.

We had a mini Christmas with my niece while she's still here. of course that entitled homemade hot chocolate with fun cups and red straws. I decided to make it even and opted for Jammie's, and tinker bell barbies. We sprung on a guitar for our little rock star niece and she was beyond thrilled! I can totally see her being a little Taylor swift. One day ill be telling e! True Hollywood story that I bought her her first guitar. Yep.
I also happened to come across my now that's what I call Christmas CD and turned it on high! Let me tell you, Cameron had front row to a rather impromptu karaoke session signing Justin Biebers and Selena Gomez Christmas songs in my kitchen. No shame here.

I managed to wrap the grandparents gifts and nearly half of the rest. I used to love love love to wrap gifts. I love the cheesy paper, the bows, tags, ribbons, all of it! I would spend time on each gift making sure it was perfect and tidy. Except now, it's more like I'm a ninja running up the stairs, digging 1 or 2 gifts out of my closet at a time and wrapping them as fast as I can and returning back down stairs before the girls even notice I'm gone.

I also happened to do a Pinterest inspired Christmas craft with the girls! Remy attacked Raygans paper with her pink fingers, Miss Raygan was one not so happy camper. I love all of the fingerprint crafts there is on Pinterest!

Happy Weekend! What are your plans?

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  1. Look at how excited they are!! Yay!
    We are going to Victorian Christmas this weekend with fellow blogger buddy Miss Jo and Co.

    So excited. It's a period time Christmas where everybody dresses up vintage and shops open up with awesome sale items!



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