Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving is Over.

I'm sitting here now waiting for my girlies to walk in my front door.
They stayed with my parents for a couple days after our holiday dinner.
I'm thinking about Thanksgiving and how well it went.
It was grand! I honestly thought I was going to be crazy having Thanksgiving at our house.
But I couldn't have been any less stressed especially cooking for a chef!
I think I'm getting good at gatherings.
Who does that? I was busy doing my thing and didn't take one!
Not one family photo, or even one of my girls!
But it was nice and relaxed. We lounged around the living room looking at Black Friday adds and planning our route as the girls gave us a dance show!
Im thankful that both of our families can come together for events so easily and from now on I feel as though these events will be held at our house.
Just hopefully we'll have a new house next  year.
Like previously noted my parents had the girls for two nights so me and Cameron were sneaking in a date night.
We got all ready, dress with boots on and poof, we fell asleep on the couch.
Him sitting straight up with me laying accross his lap.
Once again WHO DOES THAT!
Luckily when we woke up it was around 7:00 and we were still able to get in some Chinese food with a horrible waitress.
I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving weekend.
Did you brave the Black Friday craziness or did you stay in?

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