Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We decorated the tree.
After I climbed up the ladder and threw down the tree parts from the loft in our garage.

I offered to do it and I cussed out my brother the entire time. Because he of course was the one who chose to put it up in the rafters while he was helping me clean up our garage months ago.

I seriously was shaking. I was terrified.
The tree was put together by time the littles came home and they were fully prepared to decorate.

Raygan was very persistent and was moving them around until it was perfect.

Remy on the other hand was more interested in playing with the ornaments.

We pretty much forced my parents to stay for some beers while we decorated and we bribed them with wings and fries. It so worked!

We danced around to now that's what I call Christmas while I reminisced about the way better N'sync Christmas CD that I must get my hand on.

Cameron was jolly and in spirit although I got scolded from him for moving the ornaments around after they placed them. I'm sorry but we needed a little more then the first three feet decorated!

Note: ALL of the ornaments in a row.
The star!  We got done with all of the ornaments and Raygan took a look at the tree and stated...
"somethings missing!! We need the star!!"
I was shocked she even knew that's what happened next.
So that's what they did.
Then of course Remy had to follow in her footsteps.
Have you decorated your tree yet? Do you have any traditions?


  1. This is so adorable!! We will be traveling to see family for a big chunk of December and christmas, so we aren't doing a tree this year. I miss it!!

  2. Cute! We always get a real tree, and I can't wait to get it up!! Christmas is the best time of the year:)

  3. Haha love all the ornaments in a row... the finished tree looked great too ;)
    I dug mine out yesterday but will probably tackle decorating this weekend... I think I want to get some new addition this year.


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