Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Parenting Fail

This time it was not my own parenting fail but one that affected my children.
Have you ever heard of Real Deals.
Well my bestie took me down to our Real Deals warehouse last week for my very first time.
I've been wanting to go for years but just forgot about it for never went!
I was so excited! I've always heard about their great deals and their unique stuff!
Anyway. At this particular Real Deals they had a little play area smack dab in the middle with a child lock gate.
I shoved my kiddos in there to the mini kitchen and the box full of purses.
They were excited and Raygan asked me
"I get to play in here mom? While you shop?"
Yes sweet girl you do.
Win for mama, and win for the littles.
As I was meandering around the little warehouse I kept peeking over at them because
well I'm a mama and I'm psycho.
During one of my "peeks" I noticed a mom opening the gate to put her daughter around Raygans age in.
Apparently the little girl did not want to go in so the mom
Yes, left the gate open for the two previous little girls (who happen to be extremely cute and curious) to walk out of at any given moment.
I was clear at the end of the store and saw that Raygan was starting to head out.
I freaked out you guys.
This mother obviously doesn't have the fear of kidnapping and rape like I do, or frankly didn't care because it wasn't her children. Which tickles me in the wrong way.
I'm all for looking out for other peoples children.
I'm the first one to approach a lost kid, and the first to help one get up off the ground.
I was furious.  I obviously ran through this quant little warehouse and as I was approaching the gate, my sweet littles were on their way out.
How could someone not care? Not think?
Its irritating to me.
I said something snarky to this lady, and I still don't care that it wasn't very nice.
Especially now a days where the world isn't so sweet.

It was last week and I'm still pissed as hell.
That was my first time ever leaving them at a little play area and I'm not so sure Ill do that for awhile!
(even though it was a extremely small area and I could pretty much see the whole place standing from one corner!)
Have you ever experienced anything similar?
How did you handle it?


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit girl. Let me tell you. I have the same fears as you do! And only because I have experienced abuse as a child by my NEIGHBOR! Yes, I said it.. on a blog comment. I am not ashamed. So I can only imagine how you felt. The only thing is I would've decked the woman in her fucking face and said a bunch of "expletive" stuff. And of course the famous "YOU ARE A BAD MOTHER!" line would come out of my mouth.

    OH and for the love of GOD turn the word verification OFF!!!

  2. I would still be fuming as well. Totally unacceptable, it's like she was just asking for her daughter to be taken.

    I will second the word verification :-)

  3. Oh my goodness I would have had more then a few words for her. How selfish and stupid can some people be! This makes me so mad!


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