Friday, November 16, 2012

Fridays Letters

Dear Cameron: Are you ready? Im about to deck the halls around here so you better be excited to participate. Love you!
Dear Hot Dog Shop: I loved our after dance lunch, not only were you delish it was a perfect spot for 3 crazy girls. We shall see you again.
Dear Nutcracker: We are about to purchase tickets for a little mama date with Raygan. All I remember about you is for a busy 5th grader I wasnt having it. Lets see what a 3 year old thinks.
Dear Weekend: We have lots to do!!!!!
Dear Pinterest: Me and Cameron have been on the search for a new Christmas Morning Breakfast Tradition. Yup thats right, he loves traditions as much as I do. Obviously we are going to do a test run before Christmas morning but we have still yet to find one!! Banana bread french toast is so far the winner.


  1. I love Christmas morning breakfast traditions! Growing up, my mom ALWAYS made coffee cake, so that's what Isaiah and I do now. :)

  2. I decked our halls last night and made my husband help. Didn't last long his whining got annoying and I said "fine dont help!" haha



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