Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Raygan Is Three!

My girl had a birthday party. A beautiful ballerina party indeed.
It was hot. It was fun. And my girl is Three.

She had been telling me for months, and I mean months that she wanted a ballerina party. I honestly thought she would change her mind 100 times by then but she stuck to it. We decided to have it at the park a couple houses away from our house. I honestly don't love having birthday parties at the park but that was basically our only option this time.
Since it was at the park the decorations were minimal. Previously I posted that I wanted to have a table set but that ended quickly when I realized half of my friends with kids couldn't make it. I guess that's what happens when you give birth in the middle of vacation season, and right before school starts.

Pink Lemonade in mason jars!

Instead of a table set for kids, I opted for a glam station for the girls to get all glammed up!
Not so sure about her crazy aunt jumping in the picture!
I loved that she wanted to open every peice after she grabed one!

Her friends looking thrilllled :)

Tired kids at the end of the party! We tried for a happy family photo but that was just reality!

She was in birthday party heaven! She was twirling around and my shy little girl loved that it was all about her. She pranced around in her amazing pettiskirt and play heels like it was her job, she played with friends and ate to many cupcakes. But like usual I love parties...and I love when they are over!

To my little girl:
Three years ago you made me a mama. We were beyond thrilled that we were chosen to be your mama, and daddy. You are a daddy's little girl, and mamas best friend.
I am so proud of the little girl you have become. You continue to amaze me I love your strong willed, sassy attitude..that obviously comes from your daddy.
You are such a well rounded little girl, carrying a purse in your hand while you play basketball with daddy.
I love that you only want mama for certain things, and same goes for daddy, and some things you can do "all by yourself"
We have decided to wait a year to put you in preschool, you are well prepared for it school wise. But when we barley mention bringing you to school you pretend to be a baby and say "no mama Ill cry and say I want my mama No! no!" Ill continue to help you with numbers and writing.
I loved watching you with all of your friends on your big day. It made my heart happy. I love you baby girl.

Currently you can count to 17 by yourself and 20 with help.
You know all of your shapes even an octagon, every stop sign you see "Look its a octagon!"
You've know all your colors and your ABCs since before you turned two. We are working on individual letters.
Your favorite color is pink and you tell me that no one else can like it.
You still play with my ear to go to sleep. Not every night, but more often then not.
Ballet starts again in a couple weeks, you can not wait! I however am a little nervous because we changed dance studios and you are not the best with any kind of change whatsoever.
You and your sister are best friends, literally. You two rarely fight, you just love each other so so much.
Food has never been your strong point, you are a picky picky eater although lately you have been surprising me and opening up a little. You finally eat chicken that isn't chicken nuggets. And we thought you were going to be a vegetarian..which in this family doesn't fly!

You are 3 going on 16. The first present you opened with mama and daddy was an adorable outfit from my grandma. You put that thang on and waltzed around like you owned the place and this is what happened next.
Raygan: okay lets go.
Mama/daddy: where are we going?
Raygan: Lets go to the mall. Okay?
Mama/daddy(looking at each other): did she really just say that?

so you bet your butt that's where you went. Daddy took you to the mall and bought you some clothes that you picked you. What a fashionista you are. You and you sister both have your daddy wrapped around your little finger. But that's the way we like it :)

You continue to surprise me more and more every day.
I can't wait to see whats next.
I love you baby girl.


  1. Love her outfit!!! You did an amazing job... Everything looks perfect!

  2. happy birthday raygan! she is absolutely darling :)
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  3. Now this is beyond cute!!!! What a lovely party!! And she's a lucky girl!!!! Happy birthday Raygan!!

  4. what a cute party! wish I could have a princess party!


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