Friday, July 6, 2012

Fridays Letters & A Little Cherry Picking

Dear July: I know that I was complaining of the weather not being good enough in June but really 108 next week? No thanks

Dear Hubbs Softball Team: Please start acting your age. thank you.

Dear UPS: Why would you leave my package in the middle of my yard and not on my front porch? Just asking.

Dear E!: I miss you! I never get to watch you anymore. I DVR E! news every day and still cant find the time you watch.

Dear Summer: I need to go camping.

Picking Cherries. I saw the sign on the side of the road for "U pick Cherries" and ran with it.
Cameron ended up getting off work early on Friday, seriously the best way to star our {busy} weekend. So we hit the trees as soon as he got home. With a little less enthusiasm from him and my brother.
But what do you know? They all thanked me for "such a good idea"
I love when I win :)
Or as for Remy, she was happy as ever grabbing them off the ground and squishing them all over her dress, hands, and arms.
We showed up to this hand written note. It made me so happy to think that a person this honest still trusts people out there. After we wrote our names on the sign in sheet this little old man made his was up from the orchard and greeted us. He made the experience ten times better.
My lovelies.

Cherry picking has a special place in my heart. Every single summer
my mom would bring us to go pick cherries. I didn't realize the impact it had on me until I saw my own baby girls reaching up high to get their cherries. It brought back many memories in the exact same orchard as we picked as a little girl.

My sweet niece

Raygan was over my picture taking.

I swear every single branch looked like this. It was like we were the first ones to pick!

My dirty little girl.

Little one in action.

I love the thought of carrying on family traditions with my little ones. I swear that was the thing I was more excited for after I first had Raygan.

What are your family traditions? Have you carried any on from your childhood?


  1. What a fun day. I want to go cherry picking!

  2. Love your dress! Where's it from?

  3. It was 105 here over the weekend. Ridiculous!! That's one thing I despise about eastern washington. :P But at least summer has finally arrived. And the lakes are warm enough to go swimming now.

  4. Love the family tradition! And your little gals just get cuter & cuter ; )


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