Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dresser Re-Do sneak peak

This dresser. It has been sitting in our garage for two years now.
I wanted a change, and finally me and my amazing brother are getting to work.
I can not wait for this baby to finally be in our room again.

We sanded it down, and are now in the process of painting it.
It's going to be two colors but thats all Im going to reveal until it is all done.
I still need to pick out the new hardware. That parts a little trinky for me...Im terrible at making decisions.


  1. I can't wait to see the finished product! It's gonna be amazing!!

  2. Hi I am in the process of redoing mine as well. But mine has to go into the shop and be sprayed for termites before vanishing. Still considering changing the colour completely. Would love to see the end product of yours.
    I am following you now and hope you follow back.

  3. I cant WAIT to see what you do to this!! Such a fun project!

  4. PS. Girlfriend. When I click on your "contact" button it takes me straight to photobucket?? I'm guessing that's an error?

  5. Thats one gorgeous dresser (framework) I can't wait to see what colors you paint it. I've been doing a massive clean up/purge of the house and unfortunately had to sell or get rid of some furniture because it was taking up to much space and I didn't have the time to refurnish them.


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