Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Oh Summer

The weather hasn't been too "summery" in our parts. I've been reluctant to take the girls to the splash parks because it just hasn't been nice enough.

Our summers here are usually blistering, miserably hot. So hot that in the heat of the day you need to go inside to cool down and drink some tea. Needless to say I've bee enjoying this weather because I know misery is around the corner.

Yesterday reached 90 degrees. Whats a mama to do you say?
We hoped in the car. Where you ask?

Oh well geez, Target of course. In hopes to find a Dora sprinkler head for my little girls. Raygan has had her eye on it for quiet sometime and I finally decided to make my little girl happy and get that dang sprinkler.

What do you know? There was no sprinkler Dora head. Not even a kids sprinkler head in the entire store. Not one!
Target failed me.
They had a blast. Raygan kept yelling at the sprinkler "stop it! don't get in my eyes!!" Which seriously cracked me up. As for little Remy she took a break to watch her sister.
What happened next? Oh, Im so glad you asked! The girls Auntie, and my best friend asked if we wanted to go swimming at her moms. Of course we did!
I love last minute shenanigans and the rush of getting everything ready super fast and getting out of the house. Baby crying at the door and big sister running around getting her favorite swim suit.
We hopped in the car and drove a couple miles.

Raygan has been holding out of me. I didn't know she could really swim! {I never get to watch her lessons because Remy will scream to go into the water, and if we do, then Raygan wants to be with us.}But she can get her head under water and go a couple feet. Its amazing! Put those floaties on her and she was in the water by herself. Yelling, "look at me I'm swimming! All by myself!"
I was one proud mama to say the least.

As for Remy, she just thinks shes a big girl. She watches her big sister and thinks she can tackle the pool alone too.

My girls. I love the two of them. I never imagined that they would get along so well. Its a little odd I must admit.

That was one happy Thursday! What are you guys doing to beat the heat?


  1. We've been spending a lot of time in the pool and at the splash park lately. Isn't it ridiculous how Target has no kid sprinklers? I look every time I am there and can never find anything. You'd think especially since I live in Florida that they would have them.

  2. Seriously sounds like where I live!! My oldest is in a full arm cast for at least another 2 weeks and the weather in Oregon has been abnormal!! Not complaining...until the cast comes OFF!! My garage sale shopping goal this Summer is a water play table!!


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