Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bring it!

I was a very athletic kid. I'm talking All year long. My parents never pushed me, they let me make my own decisions. The day I told them I decided to stop playing softball through them for a loop. I was letting go of the only busy, chaotic lifestyle I knew.

Fast forward some years and I'm not so athletic anymore. I haven't worked out in years. Although is something I totally enjoy I just can never find time. We tried using the day care at the gym one time. What do you know....they came and retrieved us not even 10 minutes later with a crying toddler on the caregivers hip uttering the words "your other one is falling apart too"

That was a year ago and Raygan still says (every single day) "mama I don't want to go in there" as we pass the nursery on her way to swim lessons. Traumatized much?

After graduating high school, and moving out of my parents house, I gained some weight. I weighed 145 then became pregnant with Raygan, I quickly lost it all within a couple months and ended up at 115. I give credit to breastfeeding 100 percent. A very few short months later I became pregnant again with Remy and I was able to loose her baby weight.

I'm now at 122-125. Honestly its not about the weight, I just want to feel good. (We don't even have a scale in our household.) My body felt good at 115. Ive grown up very self conscious and that was the best I have ever felt. I want to tone up my body and live a healthy lifestyle.

Anyway, Ive decided to jump on the ban wagon and start the oh so popular 30 day shred.
I never thought I would do these kinds of pictures

I'm on day three and I think I may jump to the second level.

Im sore by day three but feeling good. I've noticed that I have more energy throughout the day. And I feel good about myself.

Have you dont the shred? If so do you have any pointers?


  1. YAY! So glad you're loving it! I'm jealous your going to level up already! I'll be doing day 7 today and I'm still scared to level up! I guess I'm not sore anymore so I probably should... but I have a heck of a time making it through 1min of jump rope. That's like the ONLY thing that's kicking my butt, though!

  2. You and I sound remarkably similar. Up until I was in a car accident in 2005, I weighed around 108lbs. I gained about ten pounds over the next year or so without even niticing, but then at the peak of pregnancy I weighed 160lbs. Not cool. I lost almost all of it, got back down to about 120lbs. Since my miscarriage in October I've been hovering around 126lbs. I am not so much worried about my weight, it's more that IO am just not comfortable in my clothes. A few weeks ago I started a daily workout I found on Pinterest, and I go to Zumba once a week. If nothing else, I at least feel better that I am doing something.

    I've never done a shred, but they do intrigue me. I look forward to hearing about your progress.

  3. You go girl! Excited to follow along and cheer you on! I have the 30-day shred DVD...haha!

  4. I have the 30 day shred and made it to level 2.Haven't done it in a while...guess I had better get on that!


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