Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I hear a train a comin'

Ok, so maybe they aren't traveling by a train but the Johnny Cash song pops into my head when I think of travelers. My Sister and her family are coming to visit us this weekend for a little stay-cation.

I'm thrilled! We don't get to see each other too often, living 5 hours away and being busy with our crazy lives. Usually its us who go to visit them because we have so much family in her area. But I suppose they were ready for a trip!

The week before their arrival (any guests actually!) I'm a crazy person! I'm deep cleaning like a mad women. I could be the female version Mr. Clean. Just cal me Mrs. Clean.

I'm re arranging furniture, going through the girls toys, and de cluttering my hiney off.
Cleaning out fridges, and spot cleaning the carpet.  Dropping things off at goodwill, and buying new candles. ok. you get it.

Im a complete nut case. The hubbs even offered to take Raygan to dance tonight so I can have some (more) time to clean! And that alone my friends is huge. He hates that place. Its a tiny building with 4 classes going on. Its loud, and accompanied with a bunch of cranky parents. Therefore, I am forever thankful :)

How do you prepare for guests?


  1. Having guests stay is so much fun but so much work if you like things in their place..errr...like me. I adore having my guests feel at home and it's hard in a two bedroom apartment! We end up just having to deal with luggage and shoes everywhere. Good luck getting ready and don't forget to have a glass of wine and quiet time before the party arrives!!

    p.s. I love, and I mean love, Johnny Cash. You have no idea.

    xo, Amanda

  2. I am the same way, I want everything to be spotless. Although once the guests arrive, in particular my husbands friend from out of state, there ends up being stuff EVERYWHERE! It drives me batty.


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