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Guest Post: Its Amanda!!!

Hey guys! This is the first ever guest post on this blog! I'm so happy to have Amanda  here to share what a normal day in her household looks like. If you haven't already checked out her blog go take a gander over at Its the little things. Shes so sweet, a talented writer and always has great pictures and fun adventures to read about. Oh and her little Stella is just precious! See for yourself! Take it away Amanda!


why hello!  my name's amanda, and i blog over at it's the little things.  i am thrilled to be here to share with you "a day in the life" of baby girl and myself!  my husband andrew and i live in kansas city with our two littles, miss stella vivienne {who just turned one!} and mister leon {our mischievous frenchie/pug}.  we are having a ball documenting all of the little things that make our life beautiful in our corner of the internet.  i am a teacher and my summer break just started, so as you can imagine, our days have been chock-full of summertime fun!  here's a peek into a typical day, from 8 am to 8 pm!

8 am
baby girl has been awake for about an hour or so.  she typically lets out a little cry in her bed telling us she's up, then plays with her elmo doll until i go in and get her ready for the day.  then we usually head into the kitchen and have some breakfast.  me: strong coffee.  her: strawberries, cheerios, & scrambled eggs.

9 am
this is our time to play, play, play.  stella and i will sit in her room and flip through books, throw around her balls, listen to her musical toys, or build things with her wooden blocks.  i love the chance to get on the floor and watch her go from one toy to the next.  her favorite toy right now is this walker shhe got from her nana and papa for her first birthday.

10 am
nap time!  while stella sleeps for a few hours i get ready for the day, pick up around our condo {we have some serious hard wood floors that need a constant scrubbin'!}, catch up on blogging, read cookbooks, and get our dinner menu planned out for the evening.  pinterest is my go to for dinner inspiration. 

12 pm
when baby girl wakes up we head out and about for the afternoon.  some of our favorite places to go this summer are to the park, our downtown splash pad, the market for groceries, or to target, because we just love target.  we've also made this summer  bucket list full of many wonderful adventures and fun activities to do during day.  many of them are free and only require a happy baby girl, which is never a problem. :)

1 pm
it's lunch time for us hungry gals.  i always pack our lunch on the go and we have it wherever we happen to be, say, on a quilt outdoors or sitting on a park bench.  this works for us because i dislike eating out when it's just her and i, and stella is not a picky eater {fingers crossed} so whatever i pack is good for her.  our lunchtime favorites include cut up meats and cheeses with some sort of fruit on the side.  lately, her choice of cheese has been brie with a little blackberry jam on top!  she's definitely her mama's daughter. 

2 pm
around this time we make our way back home because a certain someone is winding down and will be ready for another nap.  when we get back home she likes her hold her pink blankie while i read her lots of books like sparkle & spin and henri's walk to paris in her rocking chair.  i just adore children's book, don't you? 

3 pm 
nap time, round two, commence! stella's second nap is much shorter than her first but i usually have enough time to water our patio herb garden, do a load or two of laundry, write in my journal, and have some quiet down time before she wakes up.  one of my favorite things to do around this time is sit on out on our patio with a class of coconut water and jot down ideas for my next year of teaching in my notebook.  it's a beautiful space that feels calming in the middle of the afternoon.

4 pm
stella is up and it's time for art!  we clear off the dining room table {or head outdoors} and get out her art supplies.  my girl and i like to crank up beirut and finger paint till our heart's content.  she, in her diaper of course.  it gets quite messy but that's half the fun.  by the way, i am swooning over target's kid made modern art supplies right now.  i've even wrote about them and the importance of creating here.

5 pm 
hooray, dada is home!  when my husband gets home we all huddle together and stella goes back and forth between us giving the most slobbery kisses.  it is one of the best parts of both of our days, hands down.  she never fails to forget that this is our little tradition.  with andrew home i start dinner and he sits in the kitchen as we talk about our days.

6 pm
around this time supper is on the table.  we pull baby girl's highchair up to our dining table and eat dinner as a family.  eating together is something we value because we feel it brings us closer together and separates us from distractions, like the computer or t.v.  we also love to eat, so this time is quite sacred.  

7 pm
after dinner it's bath time for the wee one.  we start our night time routine with stella by giving her a calming bubble bath.  after she gets all suds up and into her jammies, we all go into her room and play for awhile before giving her a warm bottle of milk.  she almost always goes to sleep before 8, but if she is still awake by this time, we lie her in her crib to self soothe to get to sleep.  this is what works best for us and helps stella sleep through the night.

8 pm
now it's "us time."  andrew and i love playing board games {foodie fight is our fav}, watching episodes of dexter, chillin' on our patio, and watching movies on netflix after we've put baby girl to sleep.  we usually stay up late talking and spend our time planning our next adventure and talking about our future.  this time is so special and important to both of us because it gives us a chance to reconnect after a long day.

well, there you have it!  our day in a nutshell.  we would just love it if you would come on over and check us out at it's the little things.  and thank you so much ashlea for having me!  

ox, amanda

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  1. My husband loves to wind down with a board game too. Every now and again I'll indulge him (thankfully he has other pals who generally take him on) for some friendly competition. Great photos!


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