Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why Hello There Sparkles

We got a fish. Yes we did. I was excited for the whole "hunt for a fish" thing. I new both girls would be so into it. We were at the pet store for a good while checking out fish, kitties, and what not. It was a lot of fun. We got a little carried away, I thought for a second there that we were going to walk out of the pet store with and entire aquarium. Thankfully I'm happy to say we returned safely home with one goldfish.
Remys hand is totally in there.

Trying out our dogs new bed....I think they like it
Proud new owner of a goldfish.
Named Sparkles. Yes, in true Raygan fashion she named her Sparkles. How do we know its a "her" you ask? Oh, because Raygan told us so.

Well days later, {literally only days} me and the girls set off for some errans, came back took a look at Sparkles and girlfriend was not moving at all. Ohmygod. I text the Mr. and it looked something like this.

Me: Do fish sleep?
Me: I dont think Sparkles made it.
Me: Yeah, Sparkles is dead dead dead.
Him: Do fish sleep? lol are you kidding?

Just then, my parents showed up and the girls were sleeping. We did the whole replacing the goldfish trick. I have to admit, I panic until my parents walked in, I couldn't just send Cameron to go get a fish! I was on my own! Thank God she was asleep when my mom came back with a look a like Sparkels in a bag.


  1. Looks like they had the best time! And good thinking on the switcharoo, lol! I'll have to remember that ; )

  2. nice work on the switch!!! i hate to say it but this post made me giggle a little bit. you are such a great mama :)

    xo, amanda

  3. Thank goodness you got a replacement in time!

  4. Awww I can't believe Sparkles already bit the dust...glad you made the switch!

  5. The picture of the kiddos 'sleeping' in the dog bed is proof of why cameras are so important :) Priceless!


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