Monday, April 30, 2012

So Call Me A Chicken

Im a young mama! I've said it before that I don't communicate or keep in touch with anyone that I went to high school with. It's not a bad thing. Im just lacking in the area of mama friends!

Well I had a chance today to re kindle an old friendship {I'm talking middle school here people! She moved away and that was that!} I ran into her in the target toddler girl clothes {duh} we talked for awhile and were surprised to learn that we both had little girls! I snuck out of the house when Raygan was sleeping so when I mentioned I had an "older" kid she was even more shocked!

In my head was thinking score! I found a mama that I can hang with not to mention my girls! Her daughters age was smack dab in the middle of mine. I was trying to collect a big bag of courage and ask for her number so we could plan a play date....ya know for the girls and all :) Then we both said how good it was to run into each other and BAM just like that my soon to be mama friend was gone! Gone gone gone!

I'm such a chicken!! How did that happen? I was literally planning our play dates in my head and I never even got her phone number!

Has anything like this ever happened to anyone? Or are you guys way way cooler then myself and have loads of mama friends :)

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  1. Oh girl, I am in the same boat. I have zero mama friends with kids my age (I'm an old mama, ha!) and when I meet someone randomly, have more than once chickened out suggesting "Hey, let's get the kids together for a playdate or something!" WHY is it so HARD?? Are we afraid that other person might say "No thanks"?? I mean, who wouldn't want to hang out with us, lol? You could always stalk this girl on FB & send her a msg since you prob know her name?

  2. Can you look her up on Facebook? It is hard to find mommy friends that you really connect with, so if you felt a connection, make it happen!

    My best friend now is a girl my husband went to high school with, and when he told me she was pregnant and due one day apart from me I connected with her, we met in person when our boys were four months old, the rest is history!

  3. I am in the EXACT same boat! First one married, first one with a baby, first one to move away......

    Let me tell you, it was really hard at first, but now I am starting to meet more mamas...not many, but few more. I can totally relate to this post because it is never easy to put yourself out there, ya know? Darn rejection and those silly feelings. I have asked a few mamas I barely know to do a playdate this summer so we shall see! It suppose it never hurts to ask. I wish we lived closer, we could playdate this weekend :)

    xo, Amanda


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