Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My date to Cinderella

Me and my big girl went to see a play put on by out local theater. Cinderella. She has never seen the actual movie because I cant find the dang movie on dvd. I've looked a lot of places and they arent the original. So if you know where it is help a sister out please! It was kind of a date. We were accompanied by grandma and grandpa and her cousin. So basically we just ditched the Mr. and Remy.

We had our own little photoshoot before grandpa picked us up. I went to get my Canon and what do you know.... the battery was dead. I havent been useing it as much lately because of my new Iphone. {love it} so its been neglected. So we used my phone and my good ol' point and shoot. She was happy as a clam. She's seriously the.best.kid.ever. when me and her get our alone time.

He famous pose//and some mama love


She skipped her nap and fell asleep in grandmas arms in the last scene. She almost made it!


  1. What a doll!! The pictures are adorable :)

  2. awwww! She is adorable! It looks like you guys had so much fin! I can't wait to take S to do stuff like that!

    Oh make sure you check out my blog in a bit! I'm nominating you for an award!! XOXO

    Oh and I love the new look!

  3. GREAT photos, girl! I'm new here and I LOVE the look and feel of your site so far! Off to check out some more posts. Have a wonderful week! xo

  4. What great memories and adorable pictures!


I love your sweet words!

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