Monday, April 9, 2012

Daddy Sick = My date to the park

So the other night, I woke up to Remy choking in her crib. Turns out girlfriend was throwing up. Everywhere. I'm a hard sleeper and usually the Mr. flaps his arm on me...meaning "hey a kid is screaming" and I get up stumble to one of their rooms and see whats up. Well this time Remy had thrown up everywhere. I cleaned her up, and brought her into bed with us. (she was literally choking, scary thought, alone in her crib) A couple hours later Im cuddling with my girl and all of a sudden girlfriend throws up on my face. I grabbed her and held her on my chest, with my eyes still closed. I wouldn't open them until I whipped off the liquid from my face. Thank goodness it was liquid and not chunky. I always the one that gets thrown up on. Like nearly every time. I thought it was possibly from her shots that she had got the night before because that was accompanied by diarrhea.

Well turns out, girlfriend got everyone sick. Now the Mr. is sick. Which not only means I need to wait on him and foot. I need to take out the garbage. I despise taking out the garbage. I mean I do {pretty much} everything else around here so that's his main job. But that also means I got a park date with the girls all to myself yesterday in hopes that he could get a nap in.
The many faces of Raygan

We ventured to a totally new park that is still in our neighborhood. We have three that are in walking distance!
Oh big sisters. Shes such a boss.

Now Raygans sick today...Its never ending I tell ya.


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  2. Oh dear, I hate it when sickness gets passed around like that. Hope Raygan feels better quickly.

  3. Ah, the joys of motherhood. Nobody every tells us about these moments do they? They don't ever tell you that your child will pee, poop, sneeze and vomit on you. A LOT! :) And it's such a bummer when it spreads. We have 3 kids and I think that is the magical number for a virus to go around once, mutate and then swing back for round two. Bleh!

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  4. OH no! I hope the sickies leave your house soon!


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