Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Girls Love

My main squeeze just set out for a little mini vacation visiting his brother before he starts his new job. I'm alone with the girls this for a little bit. This week is when I will appreciate him the most because he isn't here to help with me with all of this little things that I usually don't even notice while hes here. He left early this morning before the girls were awake, I'm thankful for that because it would've been hard. They are so used to him being around so much. I'm lucky. And sometimes I take it for granted. I need to be more appreciative and less nagging. Its something that I'm constantly working on. I don't want to be that wife.

Hes such an amazing dad and our girls adore him. Hes crazy and fun. Raygans a daddy's girl to the fullest. Always has been, and Remy is making her way to that side. I love watching it and it makes me love them all so much more. Something is truly different about a daddy and his girl{s}.

Ever since Raygan was very very little before she could talk, after we would dress her up all pretty for the day, I started saying "go show daddy" and that transformed into something big. Before she could talk she would go show daddy her clothes and stand there in front of him arching her back showing off her pretty outfit, while daddy would always respond with a "oh my gosh, you look beautiful"  and now she has to and I mean has to show him every time she gets dressed. Shes been guilty of going in our room when hes sleeping in and whispering "look at me daddy." He rolls over and with his most enthusiastic {very tired} voice says "oh my gosh Raygan you look pretty"

It has transformed like I said to something big. Now Remy does it, walks right up to daddy and shows him her pretty outfit and if its her shoes she wants to show off, she points her toes for daddy to see. It melts my heart and his for that matter. Its something they all share. His girls. Sometimes the girls try to one up each other and its hilarious. Remy will go show daddy, then Raygan will say "look at me," and back and forth and back and forth. I don't know how it eventually stops actually but I love it and its something they all share that he will never forget.

Hands down my favorite picture of them ever.

 (old pictures, taking last June, but I still love them, time to schedule more family pics now that Remy's big!)
I will always treasure this and I know there will be a day when they want to run out of the house because he will not be pleased with their attire. But for now we are soaking it in. I'm loving their relationships they are building with him, and I'm incredibly lucky to have guy that gets to and wants to be around his girls {and family} a lot.

Not only do I love the bond building between them, I think its very important for girls to feel pretty and loved. Especially in the society we live in today. I grew up very self conscious and I do not want that for my girls. I want to reflect nothing but positive things their way. I try not to complain about my body image, like my weight or my stretch marks when they are around because Raygan already will know what I'm talking about and I never want her to be worried about that stuff {crap} They are beautiful and we remind them both of that numerous times a day.


  1. This is so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes. It is so great that their daddy is so involved and interested in their lives. Good luck while he's gone :-)

  2. The daddy / baby girl bond is the best. I love these photos...they made me tear up too!!! So precious. Happy weekend, girl!

    xo, Amanda

  3. Awww what a great dad...and I can see why you love these pics!

  4. Those photos are so sweet. They look so lovely. This must be an example of a good parenting :)

  5. I love reading about the bond between a daddy and his daughters. Those photos are so adorable. I can totally imagine them running up to show off their little outfits. So sweet!

  6. I see the outfit!! I love that color! And she sports it very well!!!



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