Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ear Pierce Fail

My big girl has been wanting her ears pierced for quite some time now. Shes been telling us since around the time she turned 2. We've been putting it off, and putting it off some more. On Sunday I looked at the Mr. told him I had a "great idea" he looked at me un pleased because it's not often that my great ideas are really that great. I proceeded to tell him we should hit up Claires and get our girls ears done.

Wow he agreed! We got the girls ready and headed out quick. That's the way I like it, impromptu and unplanned. Our big girl was so excited! She was jabbering in her car seat telling us she wants "pink ear rings" and she wants them "right here" pointing to her ears. She kept repeating that she was "so excited" and she wants to show Aubree.
Super excited Raygan

When got there and she continued on her excitement. Telling the Clairs employees and the teenage girls waiting in line for their own ears all about it. She picked out Hello kitty earrings, which I was none to thrilled about. But shes growing up and I need to let he make her own decisions. Don't get me wrong I like me some Hello Kitty but I don't really want her prancing around with big kitty's in her ears.
Marking the spots

They marked the spots and Raygan sat perfectly still. The two Claires employees grabbed their equipment, showed my big girl her soon to be hello kitty earrings and she still was ready...until they came at her with their guns. Her hands went right up to her ears covering them completely. There was no way in hell they were getting to her ears. They tried giving her a sucker, she grabbed that sucker and her hands went right back on her ears.

Needless to say she said she would never get them done again. I was proud of her though. Throughout the whole thing she was great, even at the end, she didn't freak out, cry or scream. She just wasn't having it!

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  1. Oh my gosh... she is PRECIOUS! What a big girl :)
    I don't blame her for not wanting those guns to get near her ears! I was 14 when I got mine pierced and I definitely wasn't happy about the gun.. ha ha!


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