Thursday, February 9, 2012

Raygans Big Girl Trip

We were supposed to go on a trip to my sisters house near Boise ID this last coming weekend. But things got crazy at the restaurant and they needed some help, so me...the person who can never say "no" to anyone canceled out trip to my nephews birthday party. Our original plans were to take my brother and niece so we could all drive in one car. My mom called to tell my brother we decided not to go and shorty after that he called me

Brother: "Why didn't you tell me you guys werent going!"
Me: "Sorry I totally forgot, and I knew mom would anyway"
Brother: "Well could I borrow your car"
Me: "Yeah, when do you wanna pick it up"
Brother: "About one, Oh and can I take Raygan"
Me: I'm thinking did he really just say that....and all I could mutter was "let me ask cameron and ill call you back in an hour"

Oh my god. I didn't know what the hell to say. Just recently did raygan start to warm up to him. She is so petrified of boys for some reason, and always has. (her daddy loves that) Ever since she was a tiny baby she preferred grandmas vs. grandpas, she would scream when guys held her. Shes very shy, but once the kid warms up, you wish she hadn't :) She has come so far with my brother, two months ago I would've said hell no. But she and my niece have so much fun together and its a four hour drive.

So me and C discussed it real quick and he basically said go for it, your sister and your mom will be up there. I of course am panicking. Literally panicking. My sister hardly knows Raygan (i know it kills me, I wish we were closer) and my mom wasn't staying at the same place as my brother and Raygan would be.

I called him back and said it was a go. I packed her clothes in outfits and had everything organized for my brother, and lets face it my sister because I knew she would want my sister to help her with her clothes and everything else before my brother. That's just her.

That night I was freaking out, literally freaking out. I was already planning my lie to my brother on why she cant go. I talked with Raygan and she said she wanted to go see Koby, That would be my nephew and she knew it was far and she knew mama and daddy were staying home. I kept repeating "your going to go on a trip with uncle Casey and Lilly" and she was so stinking excited, "I'm goin to kobys party!!" yup, my kid loves party's.

The next morning, I text him as soon as I woke up and said she cant go shes sick, but you can still borrow my car. He was devastated, he was so excited to take the two up there. I call my mom of course, like I do in any crazy situation and she calmed me down and we came up with the decision to let her go.

My brother arrived at 1:00 on the dot and Raygan was ready to go, she had just woken up from a nap {I really tried to keep the nap off so that she would sleep in the car for him...didn't happen!} She gave me hugs and was so excited to leave.

I on the other hand was freaking out....freaking out I tell ya. She was to interested in her Beauty and the Beast DVD in the car (I hadn't put them in the car until that day so it was super exciting!!) that she didnt even want to say bye to me. I think she was a little nervous...or maybe I just like to think that cause I cant deal with the fact that shes a big girl and went on a big girl trip.

She came home Saturday evening to a re-arranged bedroom and a couple new outfits that just had to get to surprise her for her "welcome home" She was thrilled to be home and see mama and daddy and her little sister, but she had a great time and was better then he expected.
Thats literally the best picture I got, the glare was terrible and I dont know whats going on with that face....really!!!! seriously a weird half smile shes got going on there.

Im so proud of my big girl.

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