Monday, February 13, 2012

Life Lately

Lately we've been busy, and schedules are off. This week I'm determined to get these girls back into our happy little schedule because we are all tired. Really tired.

Raygan has swim lessons twice a week and dance once. She loves them and has made lots of new friends. I help out at the restaurant two times and I babysit one of my friends little boys two times a week also. I still say help out because I don't feel like I'm working, I'm literally there for 3 hours and to me its just getting out of the house and the girls get some special time with daddy.

After swim lessons for the passed month or so I've been going to my MILs to do our laundry...our washer is still broke and its literally putting a tole on me. Having to go somewhere else to do our laundry just doesn't work well with us. First off because I usually get other house work done while I'm doing a load. At my MILs I follow the girls around ever so gently and make sure they don't break any more of her antiques!

I nearly had a break down the other day and begged Cameron to get us a new washer after being at his moms for hours apon hours and coming home to a messy house with a sink full of dishes. Raygan begs to stay home, shes very sick of this little routine we have created. "I wanna stay home mama" literally breaks my heart and I instantly feel horrible.

Its just not fair to the girls, with how busy we've been then having to do that two times a week for 5-6 hours just sucks. It really sucks. and I'm over it.

Cameron promised me we would get one in the next couple weeks. Whenever that day comes I will be the happiest girl in the world.

We finally had a nice day here and we were all home to enjoy it! I felt like we owed it to the girls to go outside and have some fun. Im getting extremly excited for summer and this year is going to be so much fun {cough cough...easier for me} with a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old. Last year was a little tough at the water parks with a baby and the incredibly hot weather we have here. But nonetheless, we still hit them up every cpl days.
Yup she made daddy get in there with her. The both strolled around the cult-a sac in a hot pink Escalade. That had to of boosted his ego a bit.

I hope the weather keeps this up! Because we're going to take advantage of this!

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  1. Your children are BEAUTIFUL! Hope you had a fantastic day!!



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