Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Way behind!

This family is way behind on Christmas decorating, crafts, and everything! With a minor bump that lead me to the hospital for two days put us a couple days behind schedule! In my perfect little world I create in my head, I ideally would like to have my tree and everything up promptly the day after thanksgiving listening to christmas music drinking hot coacoa (or shoot even some wine) Which the MR. says "its not even december yet!" thats what he said to me when I was in the hospital bed stressing about our tree..."that just had to be up" but I suppose things like that happen, its life and I some how need to get one with it! We barely got the christmas lights up outside today.....DECEMBER 7! YIKES! I suppose we just have to leave them up a little longer and we got our tree up a couple days ago, We've been baking and having gingerbread house making get togethers and the whole sha-bang! I grew up having many wonderful childhood memories tons of them regarding Christmas all I want is to have my girls have fabulous memories instilled in their brain of our little family along with our crazy traditions. Yeah, the Mr. calls me insane and I worry to much about everything being perfect in their little lifes, and the minor details to every little party or get together, but I think thats what really matters in life are the little things. The minor details. I love them, and thrive on them. Like Christmas lights and gingerbread making parties! The past few nights, Ive bundled up Raygan and went on a drive around town to look at christmas lights (pst. forget that car rides put her to sleep!) but she does stay up long enough to look at some pretty awesome houses!

And last night was our Gingerbread house making party! ahhhh for the most part it ended up being the daddys doing most of the house because the mamas were putting the littles to sleep! while Raygan was up way way way past her bed time! ahhhhh but isnt that what its all about!?
Daddy and Ray playin around

Making dinner with mama!

Remy eating her dinner. Seriously this kid has the cheesiest smile you've ever seen in your entire life!!!
It literally grabs my heart and yanks it out of my chest every single time!
Hanging up the lights with daddy!
Snagging some of that goodness! while making the gingerbread house :)

Look at that concentration! Perfectionist at work

Helping daddy. (my view...putting little miss remy to sleep

Half way through!

Tomorrow me and my mama friends are doing a little photo shoot of the kiddos....we'll see how that goes haha.

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