Sunday, November 27, 2011


Our Thanksgiving this year was pretty mellow, and needless to say i LOVED it! We woke up and lounged in pjs till noon...those are the best days. Then had a small group of us at the restaraunt ate, and played games. and I love me some family game time. It was super fun, way better then the normal 50 people dinner we always do.

We took the girls to the park near our house and played in the leaves, i honestly dont remember playing in the leaves as a child but we had so much fun!!

 They chased eachother and played like there was no tomorrow!

I truely love seeing them together because they honestly love eachother so dang much it hurts. And its something im extremley greatful for. Raygan is the best big sister a mom could ask for and has never once taken her jealousy out on her little sister, if anything she does to me and cameron. Shes so sweet and I hope they continue to be best friends...minus the teenage years haha i know those will be rocky! I do envy them in a way because I didnt grow up with my sister so we arent too close. We've always lived 5-7 hours away and only saw eachother on holidays and summertime growing up. Ive never even had a best friend like that! Im glad that they have eachother and always will. Its amazing to see them and their love for eachother. truely amazing!!!

 Chasing eachother! :)

My favorite one of raygan for the day!!!


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