Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hello? Is anyone there?

I've been absent.
 A realization of my absence set in when I typed the letter "b" in my address box and "logger" didn't automatically follow. Another slap in the face was when I had to sign in to blogger again.
 wow. yeah its been awhile.
I miss sitting in front of a computer screen and just typing. Typing whatever the hell I feel like instead of trying to scramble on my phone just because I haven't posted in a couple days. 
 I miss communicating with all you blogger friends. (Im sorry!) I miss uploading my photos to my computer. Shit, I even miss using my big girl camera.
To answer your question as to why?
My brains full.
My computer is in a shitty inconvenient spot.
and life itself got kinda cray.
-did I just say cray?-
But truth be told. The blog as silly at it is helps me.
In alllll lifes areas. The day I didn't return to the computer was the day I didn't pick up my big girl camera. The very same day I stopped checking my email, which has resulted in me going through my entire 800+ inbox.
(Thanks google+ for all of your email updates. NOT)
This was the biggest blog break I have ever taken. It wasn't planned, and it just kinda happened. BUT I will tell you, there wasnt a day I didnt think of this humble blog of mine. Also with that being said, I never felt guilty or like I owed it to myself to return. & that's kinda what I love about it.
 My brain simply needed a break.
I feel motivated again, and at ease. with all of our activities dwindling to an end its going to be nice to dive into this blog again. (swim, preschool, tball, ballet.....BUSY KIDS!)
To anyone whos even reading this!
 I hope you stick around.


  1. Today I just came back from a long break too! Ready to dive back in!

  2. Thank you for linking up on the Bloglovin' Blog hop this week. :)

    Happy Kids, Inc

  3. I've MISSED YOU, dear friend!! So glad you're back!

  4. So glad you're back, but totally understandable with 3 little ones! I can barely keep my little blog alive with 2, not sure it will survive once baby #3 gets here. I just tell myself the blog will always be there...the little ones won't always be little (and THEN what will we blog about? lol!)

  5. There's my girl!!!! I've missed your blogging, for sure! But, I am glad that we've stayed in touch via other social media outlets. :) Love your pretty face!

  6. Yay! So glad you're back :)

  7. Welcome back!! I've haven't been posting on quite a few days lately. It must be going around :)


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