Saturday, November 23, 2013

Last Minute Is My Favorite

Two days after we got the keys to our new home-yes weeks ago. Cameron had to run out of town-woke us gals up asking if they wanted to go stay in a hotel and the rest was history. I tried to protest, told him I had shit to do-I mean hello there were boxes in every single room at this point. Keys had to be made and I needed settled in.

But I knew I couldn't fight it, the word "hotel" to little girls is equivalent to flying unicorns I tell you. Their faces and the fact that Cameron even remembered raygans pre school schedule helped me give in. We drove 6 hours for one night, Cameron had been so busy the upcoming weeks so the girls were just excited to be with daddy-as was I honestly. Me and Cameron talked with the sounds of the little mermaid echoing behind us-one things for sure, our girls are road rats (as Cameron says) they are such good little travelers, I set myself up for meltdowns and conversations reminding Cameron "that they are kids and we can't expect anything less" but it never happened, no meltdowns and no annoying conversations of me being the peace maker.

We found amazing parks, like the kind that make you wish you had them in your own town-I feel like ours is lacking. We chose to choke down chuck e cheese for dinner because this trip was all for the gals, and we couldn't dodge it, they saw that sign from street lights away.

We swam, we played with unplugged hotel phones and crashed in crisp white hotel sheets.

It was needed-despite the fact that I had boxes in every single corner of my house we needed to take a break to breathe and hang out with the four of us. It was a refreshing and stress free road trip and I appreciate my husband forcing us to go.


  1. Your husband seems like the absolute sweetest. I just adore your little family. You are such great parents.

  2. Sometimes those trips are just the best. Good for you for letting go and giving in, I'm sure your girls and hubby appreciated spending that time with you too!

  3. Oh how fun! It is always so nice to get away from the daily grind and have fun :) Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time!

  4. What a sweet guy!!! Sometimes you need new surroundings to recharge!

  5. How fun! You couldn't have paid me enough to sit in a car for 6 hours when I was full term pregnant, nuh uh no way! You are a trooper!

  6. Last minute road trips are the best. And you never realize how bad you truly needed a night away until you just do it! These pictures are adorable. Your girls are the most precious little girls (just like you!).

    xoxo, friend!


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