Saturday, July 13, 2013

What we're up to lately

We are so so incredibly busy the last couple weeks, mainly on the weekends for family adventures like day trips to water parks, or weekend trips to the zoo. Then the weekdays have been full of appointments and summer fun. I'm busy cracking down on wedding stuff and planning shower details, I'm loving it and also trying not to worry to much about anything. 

Cameron's mom took the girls to a birthday party and me and cameron went and registered at bed bath and beyond, it was fun and fast! Afterward we went to dinner at a restaurant we've never been to so that's always nice. 

I took the girls to the doctor last week for shots for Remy and a check up for Raygan, she needs to have a sleep test done to help determine weather she needs to get her adenoids removed. Girlfriend snores like a 65 year old man, it's awful. We also went to her sleep conciliation that same week and it went well, it made me realize how comfortable Raygan is with her actual doctor-cause girls friend was not feeling this other doctor and I'm actually quite terrified for how the sleep test will go, wires and all crazy things hooked up to my sweet girl is going to piss her off, thankfully we can bring anything under the sun to comfort her and I want to make it seem like a fun adventure date with just mama. She loves dates. 

Cameron took the girls to our cities minor league baseball game for a date night without mama and I set out shopping for his brothers baby gift with his mom and sister, it was super fun, but I'm sad I missed the baseball game! We'll definitely go again. Hopefully.

My brother came into town which means my life has been put on hold. We've had massive family time and managed a trip to the zoo. It's been super fun having him around. 

I've somehow got tons of wedding stuff done! What did people do before Internet and iPhone, literally. I was purchasing and scheduling my booty of in the backseat of the Tahoe the entire way to Seattle, crossing one thing off my to do list at a time! (My brother got front cause his long legs-ugh) I have a dress consultation to see if there is anything the seamstress can do to help this growing belly and my dress. Wish me luck, we shall see! 

The same day my brother arrive was the same day Cameron's best friend  moved out. He's been living with us on and off for nearly five years and this last time has been since November. He's lived downstairs and I seriously can not wait to have our little family alone. It wasn't that that awful, he's like a little brother to me, but I never spoke of it simply because I hate to complain, and that would be the only thing I would have been doing. But anyways, I'm
So so happy right now:) 

Our 1970's of a rental isn't the best and keeping cool, and for our one week that didn't reach below 107 I thought I was going to die. I felt claustrophobic from the heat, like it was wrapping me up and hugging me. Then we put in a a/c in our bedroom and that helped quite a bit. Now I'm comfortable, and I doubt it will reach that high in temperature very many more times. 

I'm dying to get into a better routine around here, I feel like we've been in some sort of funk that I can't get out of. I'm thinking with Cameron's friend gone that will help out a lot:) 


  1. Yay for crossing things off that wedding planning to do list! Proud of you girl... I cringe at the thought of Cory and I ever getting married. Not because I don't want to... trust me... I do, but because of all the planning and money that goes along with it. EEK!

  2. It is so tough to get yourself motivatd enough the to break a sump- good lcuk wveerythig!!!


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