Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wedding Planning With Kids

These two have been the most patient of little people throughout this whole wedding planning madness. They've sat halfway patiently while mama cuts rsvps to envelope size and they've accompanied me on some vintage antique shops. 

I've fallen completely in love with antique items throughout this whole process. I mean, I've always loved vintage inspired decor and such but now it's on a whole other level. 

I took the girls with me on a hunt for white pitchers for centerpieces-completely on a whim. We had an
absolute blast and It was so fun sharing this with them, they obviously scored on some old blocks and some awesome goldenbooks. They were most excited about lady and the tramp, a current favorite movie right now. 

I'm so glad that I get to share this entire wedding experience with these two and honestly it makes it that much better. I love how obsessed they are about weddings and nearly everything pretty they see they tell me it could be used for "your weddin mama"  we've held numerous ceremony's in our house for both girls to marry Cameron and it's adorable, dress up outfits and all. They adore their daddy.

On a side note, I can't imagine how much easier it would be sans kids to do this whole wedding planning. I remember panicking about the thought of having to find so many babysitters throughout the summer planning and now I'm here. I also never thought I'd brave a heart attack and take them into the antique stores. Then when I found out we were expecting baby number three I panicked even more because that's just that.many.more. Babysitters for doctors appointments and such. It's working well, and these kids have been troopers. Everyone has filled in and have taken shifts for the girls, and I've drug them to and fro. I'm not one for babysitters often so it's been quite hard, I hate to ask and even more so hate to ask often! 


  1. Oh! Goodness! Your girls are too cute!


    Danielle Faith

  2. Awww, its so sweet that they are helping you. It's going to make that day so much more special knowing all hands were involved. :)

  3. You girls are precious!!! And just think - these are memories they will carry with them when they start planning their weddings.


I love your sweet words!

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