Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Double Duty


Cameron set out of town this morning for the week which means I’m now working double. It goes without saying that Dad is the fun one in this household and I usually come second. So when dad goes out of town, its time for me to pull in the big guns. We turn regular days into golden ones and I try to impress them more whilst (love that word) hes away.


We'll do a little more, with a little bit of extra on top. We have big plans us gals. We intend to purchase Camerons ring which they are oh so excited for and go on a couple adventures.
Ill stay up late and organize my brains off like I do every time hes away, and hopefully get some wedding crafting done as well.


The house will be spotless about 2 hours before he gets home, then in those 2 hours the house will turn to complete crap and look like I've done nothing all week. 
That is what I'm counting on.


  1. Cute pics! Love the bathing suits!!

  2. Adorable little girls and such sweet little swimsuits :)

    haha...that always happens to me, too - I clean the heck out of the house before my hubby comes home to make it look so perfect and literally the few seconds it takes him to walk in the door the girls have completely destroyed the place making it look like I've sat on my butt the entire time he's been gone.

  3. Those swimsuits...oh so cute!!!

  4. Those swimsuits are adorable!


I love your sweet words!

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