Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blogging with a purpose. Week 3

Ok, so I intended to do this wholeblogging with a purpose challenge challenge but I forgot about the first link up, then the second one I accidentally deleted and could never find it. Let me tell you, so annoying. So here goes with the third week of blogging with a purpose and I'm excited to be participating...even if I'm late! YIKES!

Five years from now- lets see, this is strangely hard for me. Shouldn't I completely know what is going to be going on in our life in five years. Shouldn't we have some sort of plan? I'm ashamed to say that we don't. I mean well kind of. 

Cameron will be out of school, and our kids will all be in school. Even this baby in my belly. That may be stating the obvious but holy cow I cant imagine having three kiddos in school, what the heck will I be doing with myself? We'll own our own home and have a little bit of land to go with it. We'll still be living in our town even though we always say we'd love to love more towards Seattle, but in reality I'm sure it won't happen until the kids are older and gone. It's a lovely idea but in all honesty this city is perfect for kids and its only getting better! (We're in the top 5 for fastest growing cities, as well as number two for the best economy-fun fact!

As for me? I guess that's where the plan gets screwed up. I don't know where I'm going, as a family of five we have a plan, but as for me alone I'm lost. I'd planned on returning to school after the wedding...that was until we found out about baby number 3 now I'll put it on hold awhile longer. I know I want to go back for some sort of English/witting/journalism degree and I can literally can not wait. But when will I start, and when will I finish? I suppose only my babies can determine that. I plan to take it slow because honestly? I have one patient man and he wants me to take care of business at home before. And I love him for that, and appreciate him more then he will ever know.

But what I hope for? Oh that's a lot different. I hope to be a better wife, mom and friend. I have learned a lot and I intend to learn a lot more. 

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  1. I got half way through this and then noticed your new button and immediately became bummed out because it doesn't have the url code thingy whatever at the dummy. I'll figure it out.
    Oh and eff school. It's overrated..... :))


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