Thursday, June 13, 2013


I remember having a conversation with my brother, I was a sophomore in high school and recently broke up with my then boyfriend-I clearly thought the world was ending, like any dramatic high school girl would. I'm not sure if he asked me where I see my life going or if I  just went out and  said it-which is something I totally would do. One way or another I confessed to him that I saw myself successful in the corporate world, living in a big city in a penthouse with only a giant dog while being consumed in my work. I even elaborated on my dog, I told him that he (it was a he) would hate every man that stepped foot in my penthouse but he would love 'the one' the second he stepped in, but I went on to how that would never happen because I would be consumed in my work. He looked at me, collected his thoughts and said 'that's sad sis'  two seconds later we were both laughing. 

Fast forward 8 years and Im chatting along with my gals in the car about what they want to be when they grow up-Raygan (for that split second) wanted to fix cars, and Remy shes been stuck on being a mermaid for awhile now. (dream big girls) Raygan went on about how my job is to go to the store when we need food, and to cook dinner and clean. 

Although her description doesn't sound that glamorous I do love it. I hate missing their moments and live to make each day special.  

I always said I wanted to be married by 22, have babies by 24, but never thought it would actually happen.  Things happened a tiny bit earlier and definitely backwards but hey?  Never once did I see myself as a 'housewife' and honestly didn't really like kids. I swore while I was pregnant with Raygan that I would work 6 weeks after she was born. Bologna! She came and I was smitten with her, obsessed if you will. I hated leaving her and never mentioned going to work or starting a career as a massage therapist. (She didn't make it easy leaving her either-the little screamer) I waited around to see if Cameron would say anything, the subject never truly came up. So I went with it. My intentions were there, but my heart was not. For awhile I tip-toed around the job subject hoping he would still say 'oh you'll start working someday' 
I was a stay at home mama I never thought I'd be and I'm still soaking it in nearly four years later. 

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  1. Isn't if funny how your life changes once you have kids. It's not about you anymore but all about them. I'm knew to your blog - I have 2 little girls, too! :)


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