Monday, June 10, 2013

Code Yellow

Target employees: code yellow. 

If you've ever had to hear those words I feel so bad for you. It was awful, the worst moment in the history of me
Being a mom. 

I was on the hunt for some maternity pants, most if my pants still fit me but I'm running out of options. While I was at it I browsed the rest of Target of course. 

I let her get out of the cart because she was restless and honestly? Gf was helping me pick out clothes. Literally they both genuinely pick out clothes. They've done that forever, I tried jeans on in the dressing room and they rocked it, agreed with my choices too! 
Before the madness.

Then within five seconds Remy took off. Raygan and I chasing her, she's a fast little shit. She got to the Tony Hawk section of little boy clothes and was gone. Gone. Gone. I was sick. I flagged down the nearest Target employee and he announced a code yellow on the walkie talkie. They quickly responded-description? What the hell was she wearing. I asked raygan is complete panic what is your sister wearing? She replied with a dress she was wearing earlier that day (I can't blame her because they both go through clothes allll day) oh yeah! Grey shirt and leggins! 

He said it on the talkie and within seconds someone said they had her in lingerie. Raygan and I ran over to her and saw her standing with two bright red shirt people like everything was normal and she knew them, looking up at them throughout their convo. 

She ran to me the second she heard us with a giant (thankful) smile on her face I hugged her and debated what to do next. Honestly? I wanted to spank that butt like I never had before. Her smile quickly changed and she grew fidgety and nervous running her tongue over her teeth. I chatted with her and she clung to me like she never had before. I thanked the Target people a million times and the lady told me, hey it happens more then you think, and really the best place to loose a kid is target-you can't escape us target people. 

I walked away sweating and shaking, holding one child clinging to my neck, and hands clinched with my oldest child that was still overcoming the giant scare. I broke down balling of course. I just lost my kid. Who does that. I've never in my life been so sick to my stomach in my life. It happened so fast, and I must say the Target people were on it! Like fast, I'm pretty sure the entire thing happened in 4 minutes judging by my text conversation! 

Poor raygan was terrified repeating I'm worried about Remy mom! And then later wouldn't stop talking about it telling us how scared she was for her sister. 

Remy hated talking about it and the second you brought it up she became shy and all lovey. She got a giant talk from dad and it's came up often since then. I'm pretty sure that scared her shitless because she has not tried to get out of the cart once in all of our endeavors since then


  1. It's a part of the whole mom 'hazing' experience. Please don't feel bad - I feel like almost every mom has experienced this, it's SO easy to happen. I'm glad she was safe and sound with the friendly red shirt Target employees.

    P.S. LOVE the pic in the dressing room, seriously - you gals are just too cute. I hope you can join us for wwww again! :)

  2. Oh no! I'm glad ya found her so soon. I bet that is scathe. There are some crazy people out there these days. They are so adorable!

  3. Wow, I can't imagine the fear. Yay for the "Target People" I'm so glad she was safe ;)
    That pic of you three ladies is adorable!

  4. omg, I feel for you. I can imagine how nerve wrecking it was for all of you. BUT she was found quickly and she was safe.

  5. So scary! Glad everyone is safe and sound now!

  6. Oh man, this must have been so terrifying. I've had moments where I've lost sight of Kale for like, half a second and it's just made me want to throw up everywhere. Last week he ran out the front door and even though it only took me three seconds to get out there, he was GONE. As I was freaking out about which direction to run, I heard him giggling behind a patio chair. I was simultaneously overjoyed and the most angry I've ever been....

    So happy to hear that the Target folks were able to help so quickly!

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