Monday, May 13, 2013

Crazy Weeks From Now On!

We had something going on every.single.night.This week. Mondays are now dedicated to Cameron's softball, Tuesdays ballet morning & evening.
Wednesday we bbq'd at a good friends house, she made kabobs and it was a blast as always! While we were they Raygan showed us she could peddle a bike!!! Something she's struggled with for awhile, if girlfriend doesn't get something right away she's instantly mad. Sounds like someone I know.....

Thursdays are tball-and this was their third game and hallelujah ladies and gentlemen we are seeing improvement! For all the kids! our team looks a little more organized rather then a pack of wolves fighting for each ball! Raygans confident level is growing-you know it's true when another mom on the team mentions it! She made a great 'play' while playing short stop (like her mama;) she hussled grabbed the ball and instantly through it to first! Boo-ya! Her entourage of grandparents were cheering her on and she had to make sure her daddy saw everything! (Duh!)

This weekend was pretty nuts. Friday me and the girls went and enrolled Raygan at her new preschool that starts in the fall! The grounds are breathtaking and we had fun snooping around! We'll definitely go back for some photo ops before it starts-she's excited, nervous, and says she'll miss me when I drop her off. My sweet girl.
Right after that we set out for Nana and papas house where the girls got to stay the night and me and Cameron had a fabulous and much needed date day/night!

We first tried on rings for him, and were picking up my band (that they misplaced and literally put the whole jewelry store in panic mode) they had our free cruise tickets that Cameron won last June but it took them nearly 45 minutes to find my band-and guess where it was! Back in the case! You've got to be kidding me! In the meantime we are looking up cruises before our voucher expires! We ended our date with outback and Iron man 3, which now makes me want to see the first two! Who does that!

Saturday was nonstop! We went to a friends bowling birthday party complete with arcade games and black frosting That's enough to piss two very girly girls off I tell ya! They bowled, they ate, they blew party favors in each others faces and it was a good time!

Straight after the party we went to their other grandmas so they could plant flowers-a quick 10 minute nap in the car and they were good to go! I dropped them off and took that time for some serious me time. I got both nails & toes done, spent way to much at Ulta (urban decay naked pallet 2 anyone?) and then lastly rounded up flowers for our mamas and saved my brothers butt (for mothers day)who's in South Carolina-what would life be without little sisters? That's a question I ask him frequently!

Sunday started early and we are a buffet and a burger establishment-still weird to me that we went their for breakfast food but whateve-it was up to Cameron's sister because no one wanted to cook-except Cameron, but then it was too late. He absolutely hates eating out for holidays, drives him insane. I however didn't care what we did!

Later we headed to Camerons dads house and just hung out-kids were asleep by 6:30, and I was in bed shortly after! 

So now it's Monday and we get to start it all over again
-Note to self-find some
More crock pot recipes because this week is just as busy.


  1. wow! that sounds like a busy schedule. just remember to take some deep breaths every now and then :) I love the picture of you and the girls. My son just got a big boy bike for his birthday and is so sad that he can't get the hang of the pedals. He says "can I just ride my little bike (tricycle)". I just keep encouraging him to try the new bike.

  2. Go Raygan!! Go Raygan!! :)) I definitely know what you mean about Blast Ball. We couldn’t stop laughing the first game. Trying to get all of those 3 year olds in the game was like trying to herd kittens! Ha! But now, we have the best team in the league!! Woo Hoo. So yay to you guys too!!

    Aww, Pre-school! Will she go all day? Or half days? And heck yeah for date night. Where are y’all going for the cruise? How exciting.

    I could spend hours in Ulta!! Love those sweet pictures of you and the girls.


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