Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lost for Words

Wrote On Friday December 14
I woke up today with three little girls who were happy and on the stretch to sickness recovery. I logged on to my Yahoo account like I do every single morning while I made my morning coffee. I opened my account and saw some alarming news. In bold letters right there on the computer screen said 'At least 27 dead in school shooting'  I called my mom before even opening the page. She informed me that it was at an Elementary school and then together we read the article posted on Yahoo. We cried together as we imagined the families affected in this horrible event. We cried for the children that had to witness this occurrence. And mostly we cried for the 27 teachers and little boys and girls that lives were so tragically and selfishly taken from them.

Its all so hard to comprehend and honestly makes me question humanity itself along with the way I raise my children. School is suppose sacred ground. It is a place where you are supposed to feel safe, secure and further your knowledge.

It's a stream of emotions from anger and confusion to fear. We are a country based on freedom and happiness and this is the result. I believe in our country and I'm aware that its far worse in other areas of the world but thats not where I'm going with this post. How can I feel okay dropping my kids off in a place that is no longer sacred ground? Will we start putting metal detectors and security guards on school grounds like in the movies? What's next? What's next for this country of ours?

I remember walking to and from school every single day and honestly in the world we live in today I don't believe my children will get that so called freedom. I want my babies safe and I will do what I can to accomplish that.

I'm hugging my babies and my niece extra tight tonight and I have shouted off "group hug" more then once. I've called my best friend and together we rambled on out homeschooling and creating our own little commune where we can keep them safe, when in reality you never know what can happen, commune or not. May you love your littles and squeeze them tight and if you don't have your own littles, call your mama.

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