Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello 2013, and some Resolutions!

Dare I say it? I must. I'm relieved that the holidays are over. Sad but true. We truly lived up this holiday season, creating more memories and ringing in new traditions. December was far better than I remembered. Maybe because my girls are a little older, or maybe it's because I'm a tad older myself. I'm so glad we lived in the moment keeping busy with holiday shenanigans but also keeping balanced and staying cozy inside.

But like I said, I'm glad it's done, over, squashed. My lights are down much faster then they were put up. My tree and ornaments are already packed and tucked away in the garage. Is it me or is the week after the holidays exhausting? I'm up to my ears in princess wands and dress up clothes and for this mama all I've been doing is sorting through clothes, shoes, and old toys then throwing them into piles "donate" "save" in hindsight I suppose it is the best week to do all of this organizing and sorting while my girls are busy busy busy with all of their new toys..even if they don't have a proper place yet. Also to ring in the new year with an organized home.

And last but not least I'm preparing for my little girls 2nd birthday in a week and a half.

I'm excited for what 2013 will bring. We have a busy year ahead of us starting off with a birthday for my baby and ending with a wedding and hopefully a new house. I've never truly created a list of accomplishments, or resolutions as we say for the new year. However this year is different. I feel as though I'm at a good place, and more balanced. I know I'll be able to stay focused!

1. Cut down our bills: I'm going to do the research, change companies and reduce the amount of monthly bills.

2. Create a will: Regarding our girls if anything were to happen. Just in case.

3. Get married.

4. Grow with my blog. Create friendships and further my creativity.

5. Hang out with friends. Force myself. Text friends, make an effort. Be the one to reach out, and make gatherings.

6. Master photo shop. I'm getting better.

7. Eat better. That's obvious and so cliche but this little family is getting better and better. I would like to fully omit fast food which wouldn't be hard anyway, and followed by cutting out all processed foods. Eventually.

8. Enroll in school. Ill probably wait until after the wedding, I just don't want to stress myself out too bad! I'm planning on taking it slow because honestly I have no reason to rush. I'm enjoying my time with my girls and I know I'll be staying home with them for awhile.

9. Take care of myself. Schedule (much needed) doctor appointments followed by (even more needed) dentist appointments. I need to take care of myself in order to take care of my girls. Some issues need addressed and I'm finally stepping up to the plate.

10. Schedule dates. We need to make it a priority. Routines fade and transform into new ones sometimes without notice. I want to always make time for my (soon to be) husband. He's my best friend, my sweet little girls daddy and the person I've chosen to spend the rest of my life with. Why would it not be a priority?

11. More "me" time. I feel as though this one will be my hardest.

Im no so sure how its all going to pan out, but I'm willing to give it a go!We're happy, healthy and content, 2013 we welcome you with our arms wide open.


  1. YES! Me time is so important. I should have put this on my list as well. I'm dying for a haircut-- so maybe that'll be my first dose of me-time this year :) Loving your new look too, hun!

  2. great resolutions! I could say several of these myself! Good luck with these this year.

  3. Can we talk about how much I love your goals. Every time I read a new one, I would think "yep" that's mine...that's what I need to do. Especially "take care of myself" Absolutely necessary!!

  4. Happy New Year!! Love your resolutions! =)


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