Saturday, October 6, 2012

No Bullies Allowed

When I was going to school there was not much bullying going on. Clicks yes. But honest to goodness "knock the book out of the losers hands" bullying  I was not aware of. I could be considered part of the "cool" or "popular" group and in that group of so call cool kids there was teasing and pranks (like me being made fun of for my big eyes....) but honestly it was all in fun.  There also was not as much social media making it just that much easier to be bullied. Maybe I was just to consumed in my own life to realize, who knows?

This passed week was bully awareness week. This same week I had a conversation with a friend of Cameron's step mom. She had informed me that her son was in 7th grade and had autism. I hadn't noticed it at all and continued to listen to her story. She had told me that he was diagnosed only two years prior and it was becoming more noticeable and heart wrenching as a parent.

This young mans middle school had a assembly where each student received a bracelet. After the speeches were over the students were instructed to find someone they have once bullied and give them their bracelet along with an apology.

He came home with 23.
20 freaking 3 you guys. That's just 23 different children, there's no telling home many children were repeat offenders.

He came home excited that he received the most bracelets and she spent the rest of her night in her room crying.

She went to his school the next day to talk about the problem. The assembly was intended to be well spirited although it is awful when a child comes home with 23. That's 23 different times he is reminded of when he was bullied.

She continued with her story and told me that he gets made fun of because he isn't afraid to say he likes Justin Biebers music and likes to dance. He gets called "gay" more often than not and doesn't have many friends.

Her story made me realize how cruel kids are and I hope that my kids are never bullied but more so I hope they are not the bullies. I would beat their little butts. My heart goes out to all kids that are bullied, and I appreciate celebrities like Klohe Kardashian who raise awareness for anti-bullying. I'm so happy that schools are now taking the time to make awareness because I know just 5 years ago when I was still in high school they most certainly were not taking action.

Spread the word. Take action.


  1. My daughter is constantly bullied. And it's the same kid from last year. He lives right directly behind us. Just recently he was outside with a group of little boys and were playing with a LIFE SIZE sling shot that was made by his very own father. Good parenting huh??? Well, he was sling shotting grape fruits and baseballs at my daughter and her friend (which so happens to live beside me). This thing girl is as tall as ME! You better your sweet ass my husband and my neighbors dad walked right into their yard with a knife and CUT the bungee cord that slung those weapons. That thing is a weapon! And when I discovered it, I was sick to my stomach. Because it was aimed directly at MY yard and home. The kids father came to my house and wanted to know what happened.. I said ask the neighbor and shut the door. Apparently he took it down...

    This kid will never stop bullying my kid. I have had to cuss out his mother and I have had to confront him more than twice!!! I have been to the school, teachers, principal... my next step is the cops. Because he forever puts her down and now he wants to cause physical harm. I swear I want to spank the shit out of him....

    I was bullied too. And my eyes and chin were always picked on. "Hey bug eyes!" or "You have a butt on your face!!" UGH! Bullies suck!

  2. Hi Ashley, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  3. That's awful!! Bullying was an issue at my school... from elementary school all the way to high school. I was pretty lucky and the bullying was never directed at me, but my heart ached for the kids it was directed at!! I loved high school but I know there are sooo many people that can say their high school experience was awful. :( I wish no one had to go through that!!!

    Two of my nephews started middle school this year and I'm not gonna lie, it was scary for me. One of them is honestly the smartest kid I've ever met... he's on the academic games team, wears glasses, etc. I was so worried he'd be picked on because he's the smart kid and the "nerdy" kid. I would be so upset if I found out he was being picked on. Luckily, from what he's telling us, school is fine. He's also on his school's football team (he's a busy kid), and he dresses just like all the "cool" kids, so I guess I don't have to worry about that, but still. I feel like NO ONE should have to worry when their kids, nephews, nieces, etc. go to school!! Annddd the kids themselves should never have to dread going to school out of fear of being bullied! I don't understand why kids feel the need to ruin someone's day and make them feel awful about themselves. :(

  4. Love this post! I wasn't aware of any bullying in my school either, but I am so glad that so much attention is being brought to it.


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