Monday, October 22, 2012


Am I honest on my blog?
Id answer yes, I'm 100% honest. I never want to come across as a fake.
However when I first started this blog I was a little nervous about posting personal stuff and kept it pretty general and still kind of do.
Me and my blog are growing together and I'm ready to get a little more personal.
I try to reflect on the good and happiness because I truly don't want to remember yelling at my fiance because he didn't put the garbage can on the street to have picked up, which leads in me calling the city and paying 7 extra dollars for them to come pick it up on a day not scheduled.
Yeah, I don't want to remember that, but in reality it happens A LOT.
I don't like to complain and that's in real life as well.
I like to just get over it or fix it.
I'm happy most days but you bet your ass I have my off days.
I get cranky, I loose my cool, and I always want things perfect
and my way!
I can act spoiled and ungrateful.
But I am very blessed and honestly happy.
Very happy.

Happiness definitely outweighs my inner bitch.
We all have our perks right?
Are you honest on your blog?


  1. i feel like i wouldn't be my true self if i wasn't honest on my blog. i mean everyone has bad days and everyone understands them. it makes no use to me to try and put up a good front all the time on your blog if that isn't the true you at the time.

  2. I dont think there should be any other way to be We all have our days...were only human. I dont think putting up a front on a blog is even a good way to go

  3. After all honesty is key :)

  4. It's your blog; you get to decide how much you share/not. No one is perfect, no has it all together. I much prefer to read from women who admit to their flaws than gals who try to fake us all out. :)
    But you're right, happiness def outweigh our inner bitches. Love it.

  5. I am honest, but I do leave things out, like the tense relationship I have with my inlaws or complaining too much about how crappy work is going. I know my MIL reads my blog, and wouldn't be surprised if my boss found it through a Google search or something.

  6. Im honest most of the time, but just like with any relationship, of course there are things I keep to myself. And when I do have those days when every thing seems to go wrong, in a day or two it makes a funny blog story. Interesting how blogging has changed my perspective on life!

  7. haha I love this post! Thanks for sharing this! I try to be totally honest in everything I talk about but some topics i don't talk about .. maybe I should try to get more personal too. Thanks for the motivation :)


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