Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Confused Much?

Hey hey hey!
If you cant tell this little blog got a new name and make over.
I'm so excited! I have been wanting to change the name for quiet sometime along with the look. The ever popular Natalie Blair took over my blog for one morning and BAM!
She did it fast and I'm really excited about it!
 I started blogging about one year ago and at that time I didn't know what the hell I was doing or where I wanted this little blog to go. I was eager to get a blog design and get a name so I used whatever popped into my head at the time. Apparently How Sweet It Is was what popped and I ran with it. It was a good run but now my little blog is growing (a bit) and I want a blog name that is more personable to me and that will also help with less confusion.
There a numerous blog names out there with my previous name and I'm hoping there isn't any with my new one!

I've always been aware that the spelling of my name is rather odd. My dad wrote it on the birth certificate while my mom was sleeping... needless to say it's still an ongoing argument between them but after all these years of teachers embarrassing butchering my name and getting mad because they never sold decorative pens or fake license plates with the correct spelling I have learned to embrace it.
That's right my friends. 23 years later Im over it.

P.S. If you arent alreadry follwoing  her shes freaking hilarious and super nice!


  1. Love it!! I am in total need of a blog redesign and have been looking for someone who can help me out!

  2. Love it! Your button isnt working for me :(

  3. I love your blog header!! I am a big fan of birds. I have them everywhere (not real ones haha) and even have a bird tattoo, lol.

    I feel you on oddly spelled names. Mine is Angi with NO e! :)


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