Thursday, September 20, 2012


I'm sitting here with a cranky teething baby in my lap.
Shes now finally asleep and I'm afraid to lay her down.
So I shall write a blog post.
This week is moving right along and we are back into the swing of things.
Things are going well. We've managed to cross off half of my mini bucket list.
I'm thrilled that we are back on track with our dinners, and bed time schedule.
I feel like Ive redeemed myself a little with our bird feeders we've made, our picnic at the park, our trip to open gym and their chocolate milks with whip cream on top from Dutch Bros.
I've de-cluttered and gone through their clothes. I've condensed our living quarters and I still have some more to do.
I've decorated for fall and my house smells like cinnimon.
And we still have a couple more days left in the week.
Im back in the game!
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