Monday, September 24, 2012

Mini Bucket List

Last weeks mini bucket list was the best one yet! I finished everything except for painting the creight, which I shall do tonight because my Mr. is in Seattle for the night because he went to the Seattle Vs. Packer game. By the way....Packer Fans, we got completly and udderly screwed.
Oh well I suppose.
1. Ding dong ditch a couple friends with a fall surprise.
2. Cupcake liners organization Jar.
3. Purchase a Journal to quote the girls in.
4. Visit the new froyo place in our neighborhood.
5. Try a new recipe...I think I will continue this weekly!
6. Take stuff to Goodwill from our garage.
7. Make another fall craft with the girls.
8. Put together a new outfit.
9. Purchase a new peice of jewelry.
10. Send my neice a little "love" package. aka package of goodies.


  1. Thank you for the sweet comments! New follower

  2. Yay, another Packer fan! I couldn't stay awake for the game last night, but I woke up to see tons of ticked off friends on Facebook!

    I'm still looking around your blog, but do you do a mini bucket list each week? This is such a good idea. Maybe I'd actually get some stuff done if I did this too :)


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