Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Perfect Day

Do you ever have the most perfect day?
Where you wake up, and your kids are happy with their first breakfast choice. Your house is actually clean for once and you get to put your make up on in peace because they have occupied themselves with piles and piles of shoes.

When your oldest one tell yous "I love you soo so much mama" a million times throughout the day.

Their love kills me.

When the weather is perfect and you just know that the motherload of tantrums is about to come because it seems too good.

That was my yesterday. It was grand. The two were happy as ever and rolled with the punches all day.

If there was a day I could compare them to angels that would be the day.

I truely had fun with them and not once did I get frustrated with their curiousness or their ability to irgnore my requests.

I let Raygan pick out there outfits and she insisted on them "matching."


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