Monday, May 14, 2012

Mamas Day Recap

My lovely hubbs isn't the best "holiday guy," he doesn't plan ahead, and certainly will never write in a card beforehand. Hes been guilty of filling it out in our driveway. In fact one holiday, it may have even been last mothers day I caught him. I saw him drive up to our house (we see everyone... we live in a cult a sac) I waited a couple minutes and then realised what the heck is he doing? So I totally walked out there to see if he needed assistance with anything and what do you know....he was filling out the card. On his behalf it was a beautifully written card that I still have tucked away in a special spot. But like I said, he lives his life sper the moment and wouldn't know what he was going to be doing the next day if it wasn't for me.

But one things for sure, I get flowers and a day of love from him and my girls. He tells me I'm a great mama and I'm the reason he gets up every morning. We had two great days in a row. One with my side of the family and one with his.

(My neice Lilly)

Some cousin love
We drank cocktails and nice cold beer, and hung out in the backyard like good ol' American families do. It was my best mothers day so far. We BBQ'd and the girls played in the water. It was a fabulous day indeed. I hope all of you mamas got the lovin' you deserve!


  1. Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day! I am especially envious of the cocktails & beer part. Just a few more weeks ; ) Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. that's what it's all about....a day filled with love :)

    xo, amanda


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