Thursday, February 2, 2012

Countdown for Father Daughter Ball

We've been spending tons of time at home lately. Which to me has been such a blessing, we are usually constantly on the go no matter what. We decided to cancel our trip this weekend to visit my sister and stay home. Along with staying home we've managed to go to our gym a ton, with Raygan in swim lessons its made us go a lot more, although I still haven't got up the courage to try the daycare..the first time was horrible! They both have grown significantly in the last couple weeks. It blows my mind!

Remy is all of a sudden saying "uh o" when she drops something and saying "more" when she wants more food. Girlfriend is working on "sissy" and it comes out like "ssssss"

Raygan is finally a good girl in public! We can go out to eat like normal families and not get annoying looks from everyone in sight. She used to be horrible so we pretty much boy cotted it for a good 4 or 5 months.
I don't have a little baby anymore. Its definitely been rough on me. I was already 5 months pregnant when Raygan was Remys age. Although I really want to wait awhile to have another one its still mind blowing to me.

We have our annual Father Daughter Ball coming up in a couple weeks! Its BIG around here. When I say big I mean freaking big. Me and my dad have been going for 14 years now. It started when I was in elementary school and thought I was way to cool for that, and so did he! I'm very much a daddy's girl but I didn't know how fun this so called dance would be. We planned on totally skipping out on it and going to a movie until my mom told us some of our friends would be there...bust. It ended up being so much fun for me and my dad we've been going ever since. We've watched it grow to the production it is today. It started out in a elementary school cafeteria with 6 dads and daughters and now its in our HUGE arena here, it went from one night in February to now 3 to accommodate everyone, thousands of people go now from all around Washington for that matter. It went from blue jeans and dresses to tuxes and ball gowns. I like knowing that me and my pops are the originals. I have 14 years of photos to prove it. I'm not going to lie when I say that there are not that many people my age that go anymore, I don't see the familiar faces I used to see but me and my dad are still kicking! I'm surrounded by hundreds of little girls in big foofy dresses who's dad is my age.

When we found out we were having a daughter that was the first thing I thought about, was how damn cute it would be for Cameron to take his little girl. He has taken Raygan two time and it will be Remys first year. It started out just me and my dad meeting some friends there to me and my dad, my brother and my niece and Cameron and our girls. I love the fact that I get to see what most moms don't! My mom never got the inside scoop on our date but I do with my girls! Maybe when they are older we'll go on different days :) but for now its fun, we dance all together changing girls. I'm very excited, I still need to go find my dang dress!

But of course I got the girls. Remy got hers from Cameron's best friend for her 1st birthday....I couldn't believe that a young single dude picked this out.

I was not planning on having them match until Raygan told me so. She wanted "another one" like sissys for her "big dance with daddy" Shes so stinking excited it kills me. I love passing on this tradition.  Cameron thought I was lieing because I usually like them matching, but Raygan decided to tell  him to, oh and that she wanted a flower. ahhh her future boyfriends are in trouble my friends.

We will getting the girls...Raygan and my niece hair done and then heading out to dinner at our family restaurant with lovely pictures on our stair case there, then heading to the dance.

That was last years dance. Remember I JUST had a baby and was still sleep deprived!

Brother and my sweet niece

My girl and her daddy.
This year I WILL get better photos! Apparently I was a little occupied with a one month old baby last year.

Now I gotta get our tickets! :)

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  1. What a SWEET idea! I can't wait to see pictures!


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