Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bright Sunshiny Day

I'm am so happy that we had such a bright and sunny day after our whole family came down with a mad cold. Raygan broke a blood vessel in her eye from coughing so hard. I hate seeing my babies sick, but I swear its worse when they can full on talk. Her words tore me apart.

Yesterday we woke up to the most beautiful day ever!! No need for tights under the skirt even! So we took advantage, took a trip to Hobby Lobby, followed by Target of course, went to open gym, then finally met the Mr. at home to walk to our neighborhood park!

I seriously can not wait for this summer..sprinkler parks galore, parks, and lots of trips!

We even brought our dog George. Poor guy doesn't get to go on as many adventures since the kiddos arrived. But Remy adores him now more then ever so we decided to give it a go.

That was the start to a lazy weekend for us. Today we are stuck inside because of this crazy wind! Thats our weather for ya, never know what your going to get....we literally had snow a week ago!

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